How do I book lessons?

You can book private one to one swimming lessons or contact a Swimming Masters officer on either of the following;






What do I need to bring?

Appropriate swimwear e.g. swimming shorts or a swimming costume, goggles, a towel and a swimming cap should be worn if necessary. Swimmers should also shower immediately before lessons.


How do you accept payment?

Payment is made to Swimming Masters on a monthly basis.


What happens at an assessment lesson?

The assessment lesson allows you to meet your instructor and gives the instructor an opportunity to determine how to progress during your first block.

Can I reschedule/cancel lessons?

Swimming Masters will give you the opportunity to request credit back or rescheduling for two lessons during the duration of a monthly block - permitting 48 hours notice before the lesson occurs. ​


Where are your venues?

We currently have three venues in Glasgow and East Kilbride. You can find details of these venues on our Locations page.


Can I request an instructor?

Swimming Masters will do all we can to accommodate your preferences but cannot guarantee that this can be fulfilled.  We are more than confident, however, that all of our teachers can provide the quality of tuition that we expect and you deserve.


How do I know how well my child is doing?

Swimming Masters have our own unique learn to swim programme that is categorised into individual ability groups. When a child is capable of progressing to a higher ability group they will achieve a special Swimming Masters certificate with their accomplishments listed!


How many swimmers per lesson?

Our lessons are one swimmer per lesson.

Are there parking arrangements?

We offer free parking at all of our venues strictly for the duration of the lesson. Please speak to a Swimming Masters officer for further details on your particular venue or check our with terms and conditions. 



  Frequently Asked Questions                               

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